limited to or caring only about yourself and your own needs
Syn: ↑egoistic, ↑egoistical, ↑egocentric, ↑self-centred
Ant: ↑altruistic (for: ↑egoistic)
Similar to: ↑self-absorbed, ↑self-involved
See Also: ↑selfish
Derivationally related forms: ↑self-centeredness, ↑egocentric (for: ↑egocentric), ↑egoist (for: ↑egoistic)

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ˌself-ˈcentred [self-centred self-centredness] (especially US ˌself-ˈcentered) adjective (disapproving)
tending to think only about yourself and not thinking about the needs or feelings of other people
Derived Word:self-centredness
See also:self-centeredness  
Example Bank:

a somewhat self-centred individual

She's completely self-centred.

Your father's too self-centred to care what you do.

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